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What issues are involved in contested child custody situations?

One of the most sensitive types of case we handle are those involving contested child custody issues.

Over the years the courts have determined several factors that may be considered when determining custody of the child(ren) The main factor the courts look to is the best interest of the child. The courts encourage the parties to cooperate in setting up a parenting plan and visitation schedules that is suitable for the child’s or children’s day to day schedule.

Of course, the age of the child or children will be a factor in determining the timeshare with the parents. For example, an infant will not have the same parenting plan or timeshare schedule as a fourteen year old child. 

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In California, there is a minimum requirement of six months before the status of the marriage can be legally terminated.

This is a common misconception. Filing first does not give anyone the upper hand. The law is applied equally regardless of which party files first.

Filing first does however set some important dates regarding the commencement of temporary orders for custody, visitations and support issues.

No. The courts generally follow the best interest of the children standard which generally requires frequent and continuous contact between the child or children and both parents.

Child support depends on a number of different factors. Amongst other things, the court will consider the amount of money each parent makes and the time each parent spends with the child or children.

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